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Emirates Star Nejoumal Dubai Hotel Services

Emirates Star Nejoumal Dubai, a well-known brand in the hospitality industry, operates with a service policy that is stylish in its field and offers all kinds of privileges to its customers. The hotel, which has a rational and modern vision, relieves the stress and fatigue of the entire travel process with its internationally standard design, innovative kitchen concept and hospitality.

Emirates Star Nejoumal Dubai Hotel Rooms
Emirates Star Nejoumal Dubai makes your Dubai travel unforgettable with its location located 12 minutes from the beach. All rooms have private bathrooms. In addition, the rooms feature TVs for every taste and free Wi – Fi service throughout the hotel. It is also possible to come across mini fridges in the rooms.

Emirates Star Nejoumal Dubai Hotel Service and Other Services
Room services are available 24 hours a day on site. In the kitchen concept, breakfast, lunch and evening menus appeal to every taste. Our reception members help you 24 hours a day in many aspects such as informing about the local area, renting a car, promoting current events.

Located approximately 20 minutes from the airport, our hotel offers accommodation facilities such as standard rooms, luxurious rooms and suites. Standard rooms have many features such as TV, Wi – Fi, telephone, balcony, smoke detector, hair dryer, towels. In luxury rooms, you can find all the high-end features such as showers, sinks and furniture in their most hygienic form. In addition, it is possible to encounter a magnificent view in the luxurious rooms.

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