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Selcuk Hotel

Selçuk hotel offers many advantages at an affordable price to make you feel at home. How Does? Our beds are the most suitable mattress for human comfort and cleaning is done after each individual use. Pillows, pillow faces are changed after each use and the inside of our pillows are designed with a design that will make you feel comfortable and soft with bead fiber.

Selcuk Hotel Service

If you have come to visit the city of Izmir and you are tired in Selcuk district, we serve as the first place to apply as Selcuk Hotel. If you have planned a family trip, we have triple and quadruple rooms, but there are also double beds in these rooms. We also have double beds.

The parking area in front of our hotel is large and we think that you will not have any problems and we offer the security of our central location to our valued customers with a five-minute walk from the train. Since the view of the hotel is located in the city center, there are views from many different points of view so that you can feel this beautiful and historical district.

Our breakfast is a Turkish cuisine general breakfast and we have a variety of foods and beverages that you will love, no matter where you come from. Our choice of taste quality and natural products Selçuk Hotel has been carefully selected for the health of every individual staying.

Selçuk is an advantageous district in terms of location as it is located one hour from the center of Izmir. In our district, there is an ancient city of Ephesus, seven sleepers cave, Ayasuluk tower, Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city tour. The best choice for you Selcuk Hotel is always at your service.

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