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Who Should Tor be Used?

What is Tor?

It provides Fireworks based applications that allows you to browse websites by hiding your IP address. While you can communicate secretly with Tor Network, you can access censored content. While all the information you enter on your computer is sent over Tor’s own network, Tor itself can encrypt and its layers are encrypted. The reason why Tor is called onion links is that it is encrypted by default in layers similar to template onion layers.

Who Uses Tor Necessary?

Orbot is a software that you can use by downloading the application. The police and military organization that wants every movement on your computer to be safe, medical researchers, political organizations that store it on their computers for research purposes.

What is Deep Web Links?

The Tor browser is also called deep web links. Google, Yahoo etc. It is a network that enables you to access because you cannot reach with ordinary search engines. Search results cannot be reached due to illegal locations, vulnerabilities, and for some specific reasons.

Deep Web Links are not an environment with encrypted broadcasts. These environments can be entered with a different browser, Tor. We can easily access the confidential documents of states and institutions, and environments where citizens of countries without freedom of communication share documents with each other.

Our e-mail addresses, credit cards, social media accounts are constantly under threat on the internet. Now we live in an era where objects are connected to the internet, that is, electronic goods in our lives are connected to the internet, and machines are talking to the machine. The threat has now spread over a wide area due to the large number of computers connected to the Internet.

Thanks to these technological facilities, human beings were drawn into the digital complexity very quickly. For example; we made our transactions in the government office and our banking transactions via the internet. We started to show ourselves by putting our real names and photos on social media. Thus, the internet has become a platform where privacy and privacy are violated and criminals are used simultaneously. The biggest threat is that the money in the pocket is easily accessible via the internet. Deep Web Links are used to avoid these threats.

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